Roofing Rewards


Introducing P.I. Roofing Rewards Program

Our unique Roofing Rewards Program was created to “give back” to our customers and show how much P.I. Roofing truly values their business.

Referral Rewards:

-For every customer you refer who buys a new roof, we’ll send you a $100 THANK YOU check!

-For every customer you refer who has gutter protection installed or roof repairs completed (over $339), we’ll send you a $50 THANK YOU check!

Roofing Bucks:

For every $100 you spend on roof repairs and maintenance, you earn $20 in P.I. Roofing Bucks (maximum of $1,000) that is deposited into your own “Virtual Savings Account.”

When your home needs a roof replacement, you’ll be able to use your Roofing Bucks (in your Virtual Savings Account) towards the cost of your roof or an insurance deductible.

Credits made to your Virtual Savings Account are cumulative, never expire, and are transferable to the next owner of your home—should you decide to sell it!

My $500:

Want to earn even more money? Register your roof with us by filling out the form and get $500 towards the purchase of your next new roof!
Not only will we apply a $500 credit to your Virtual Savings Account, we will provide you with a free “No Soliciting” yard sign. When our next hail storm or severe weather event comes through, your yard sign will help deter fly-by-night or out-of-town roofing contractors from knocking on your door.

For more information about our Roofing Rewards, or to check your Virtual Savings Account balance, visit us today!

EARN $500


8 reasons to set up your P.I. Roofing Virtual Savings Account (VSA) .......

1. Get $500 towards the puchase of your next new roof.
2. Earn $20 in P.I. Roofing bucks (maximum $1,000) for every $100 you spend on roof repairs and maintenance.
3. 20% of the money you spend on repairs & maintenance goes into your savings account.
4. Your accumulated monies will stay with the address. So if you sell your home, the buyer can step into your VSA plan. Great selling benefit!
5. No time limit to spend your VSA.
6. Every year when we do your preventative maintenance inspection & clean out your gutters, you earn money towards a new roof.
7. Free yard sign will be provided that says "no soliciting" so when our next hail storm comes through, it will help deter other outside contractors from knocking on your door.
8. As a P.I. Roofing Maintenance member, you will receive priority service and be moved to the front of the line for emergency services.