What To Do During Emergency Roofing Problems

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What you should do when faced with a need for emergency roofing repair

While summer weather systems can make some of the most fun, relaxing, and enjoyable settings possible, from dazzling sunshine to warm temperatures to gentle breezes drifting through the trees and the light we can see shining from the moon in the evening. Unfortunately, these are the same patterns that can also create some of the most drastic storms, in turn inflicting real-time damage to personal property including landscaping, fences, and, very often, the roof of your residential or commercial buildings.

Roofs are one of the crucial elements of your house or property. It keeps you and your family safe from extreme weather conditions. You may encounter roofing problems due to a lack of maintenance. If left unattended, these problems can cause vulnerable damage to the entire building leading to expensive repairs in the future.

Here’s the thing…

Let’s say for instance, roofs (whether residential or commercial structures) can suffer considerable harm as a result of the blazing heat and violent storms that are part-and-parcel of the summer season. Not only during summer but during the winter season. Consequently, the enjoyment, excitement, and most fun that you are waiting for during summer can be disrupted due to a need for emergency roofing repair resulting from a compromised roof.

No matter how reliable or how strong you think your roof is, you could end up requiring emergency roofing services because it also happens in the cold months frequently due to high winds and hailstorms. So basically, anytime. It even happens during typhoons, earthquakes, etc. but first, let us take a look at the common roofing problems that occur:

You need to replace missing parts, buckled, or broken shingles
There are leaks in caulking around chimneys, skylights, pipes, vents
Having attic ventilation issues, leading to dry rot or roof deterioration, becomes old in no time
Having structural problems due to infestation by insects or small animals such as termites especially wood framings
Having structural repairs after fallen tree limbs and/or flying debris or old roofing that needs to be renovated

Let me explain…

In reality, all roofing contractors or experts will tell you that water leaks are the most consequential threat that you will be encountering and experiencing. An emergency roof repair will most likely be needed to stop the problem. When you have to wait for a roofer or a contractor due to weather conditions happening, at least add a tarp to your roof to keep the water out as best you can before a roofer or contractor can assess the damage on your roof.

What You Will Need To Do When Your Roof Needs an Emergency Repair

While property or homeowners cannot control the weather and are therefore helpless against natural acts that could damage their roof, they should however be ready for any such possibility. One should always be prepared that damages can appear at any time without you expecting it. There are steps you can take to help with the situation, and the first thing you need to do is be calm and try to manage the situation – try to protect the roof as best you can. Here are some preparations you need:

Keep the phone number handy for a certified roofing company that offers emergency roof repairs. Just as you are keeping emergency numbers for hospitals, police stations, etc. You also need to keep the phone number of a certified roofer. Due to safety concerns for their staff, most roofers will not act on these requests until storms subside, the calls though should be placed as soon as possible. Since it is an emergency roofing problem, the roofing company will try its best to be at its service.

Preventing further damage is also necessary for the property or homeowners when problems arise. It is important to use waterproofing materials and cover the open holes with a tarp. If you can stop the cascade of water into your attic or home, add buckets where water is filtering in. Upon discovering the damage, contact a roofing contractor – most if not all contractors operate an emergency service line to help homeowners cope with problems and are available 24/7. When a contractor arrives, they will inspect the roof for all problems – not just the current one and formulate a solution. Just like P.I. Roofing. We operate on all roofing problems.

Contact the home insurance provider and document the damage (safely) with photos. If you are forced to vacate, then do so. Your insurance can be a source of help for unexpected expenses that come with roofing problems.

You need to avoid the urge to complete “do-it-yourself” emergency roofing repairs; indeed, you can possibly fix the problem but at what cost? i.e., Risk of personal injury? Incorrect repairs? Causing more damage? Voiding an insurance claim? You have to change your mindset and call a certified roofer! It will cost you but it’s for your safety and to avoid more roofing problems in the long run.

Of course, beware of so-called storm chasers, or deceitful contractors, who will canvass homes looking for opportunities to deceive upset homeowners by proposing on-the-spot roof inspections and repairs; these types of solicitations can be excessively costly, and the repairs can often be done poorly and outside of any warranties or insurance coverage, so you have to be careful. Always ask for supporting documents for assurance that they are a certified roofer.

These latter situations should not be belittled; based on the condition of the roof and the importance of properly remedying the damage, emergency roofing problems should be left to qualified professionals like the crews from P.I. Roofing, who have been assisting homeowners based right here in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Our service areas include Benton & Bryant, Cabot, Conway, Little Rock & North Little Rock, Maumelle, and Sherwood & Jacksonville. We have been professionally handling unexpected roof damages for more than two decades now. Our team is ready to help you with your emergency roofing needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What Counts as a True “Emergency Roofing Repair?”

You might not know it, but small holes with a few drops of leaks might cause you to have emergency roofing problems. Well, that is true in many cases. It always starts with small leaks until it grows bigger. So it is better to fix it during the onset of the problem before it becomes a bigger issue later on.

Emergency roofing problems come in many categories, and we will examine the three most common that occur for property and homeowners. Roofing problems may occur due to sudden storms, flooding, or fire accidents. These situations are very unpredictable and uncertain.

Wind Whipped Elements

Emergency RoofingIf you have trees close to your home, maybe you think it is part of the design or landscape of your home but they can be a source of damage when gale-force winds blow. The wind can cause branches or other objects to make contact with your roof, and the damage is done. If the damage is acute, the roof could fall in and around your attic Considering the weather, animals and pests can find easy access to your home. Furthermore, it can also be a source or a reason for water to come in through leaks bound to occur.


Emergency RoofAs to what to expect if a disaster or natural calamity occurs, storms can wreak all kinds of trouble for a roofing system. Shingles can be lifted and scattered all across your lawn or backyard or that of a neighbor’s lawn or backyard. This can create the potential for a significant leak in your home. You roof can be your savior during heavy rainfall, but it can also cause a big problem. Water can be the source of life but when it leaks inside your home, it just means your roof needs your immediate attention.


Roof EmergencyThis doesn’t always occur but as I mentioned we have to be prepared. We never consciously go out of our way to have a fire in our homes. But when one does ignite and burn a section of the roof, problems will definitely arise. The first is structural integrity on the roof – a roof bears weight, and when it can’t, it will fall in. When you are the victim of this situation, you need a roofing contractor right away to mitigate the problem.

Contact Us for Emergency Roofing Services in Conway, Arkansas

Since the need for emergency roofing repairs is typically unplanned, repairing damages should be your top priority.

P.I. Roofing’s Emergency Roofing Repair Services

Every season presents new challenges for you and your roof. We get high winds, hails, and ice storms here in Arkansas, resulting in a leaky roof, missing shingles, large hits, or damaged spots.

There will come a time when a roof repair is an absolute necessity. Roof repairs can be a costly expense if you let them linger, so getting out in front of the problem upon discovery is the best way to solve the problem in its infancy. Let’s look at the advantages that come to the fore when a roof repair is made. And how it protects your investment in the building that is being repaired.

P.I. Roofing offers full roof inspection, repairs, replacement, and maintenance services to trace any damage your property has suffered. We provide a comprehensive report and perform all necessary tasks to maintain your residential and commercial roof health. With us, your roof will perform better and last longer.

P.I. Roofing was developed with a single mission: exterior restoration and storm damage solutions across Central Arkansas to ensure your property is well maintained for decades. We have years of expertise in providing residential and commercial services customized to your specific needs. Our team follows strict industry standards and guidelines to ensure the work is done right, from new installation & repair to storm damage.

For more information about our emergency roofing repair services, you may reach out to our expert roofers by calling 501-707-3548 and you can also visit our website at www.piroofing.com