Commercial Roofer



P.I. Roofing specializes in all types of roofing installation, including even the most complex commercial roofing projects. To better serve the diverse needs of commercial roofing systems, our team members are certified by the leading manufacturers of commercial roofing materials to install their products.

We also hold an Arkansas license with the S280 and R100 Primary Classification, which qualifies us for all types of roof installation and construction.

Commercial flat roofs pose some of the greatest challenges for a roofing company. Large flat expanses, heating, air conditioning machinery, air vents and piping, these all create obstacles to making a roof watertight and long-lasting. We have the experience and craftsmanship of product installation to meet and exceed requirements for commercial roofing of all types.


Our industry expertise and leading products and services allow us to bring our commercial customers greater quality and value. But, what really sets us apart from other roofing companies is our team of dedicated employees. From our owners and project managers to field and office personnel, our shared purpose is to stand behind our commitment to quality. Our team of highly qualified, trained professionals understands the value of your investment, and we work hard to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations for the work we are doing.

Our success comes from doing the right thing the right way. Since our start in 2001, we have maintained a commitment to maintain the highest standards in everything we do for customers. Doing this allows us to deliver the results that bring you greater satisfaction. Call (501) 707-3542 today!



These industry leading roof types are available to our customers.


We use Certain Teed because they are the leading manufacturer of commercial roofing products. We believe that quality commercial roofing depends on two essential elements: excellent materials, and superior workmanship. Certain Teed has been one of North America’s leading commercial roofing material manufacturers for over 100 years.
Products: Modified SBS System, Modified APP System, Modified BUR System



Malarkey Roofing Products offers a full line of advanced commercial roofing systems for low slope roofing applications. Malarkey is focused on providing the most innovative low slope products.
Products: Bituminous Systems, Conventional Bituminous Systems, Commercial Steep Slope Systems, Advanced Vegetative Roof Systems



For more than 40 years, Carlisle SynTec has been the leading manufacturer of low-slope roofing products. With their full line of Sure-Seal EPDM, Sure-Flex PVC and Sure-Weld TPO roof systems, Carlisle has options for even the most particular customers or design application. Carlisle also offers a number of highly reflective, energy efficient roofing
Products: EPDM, TPO, FleeceBACK®, PVC


Duro-Last supplies durable, energy efficient custom prefabricated single ply roofing systems. The Duro-Last membrane is a proprietary thermoplastic formulation that provides exceptional flexibility, reflectivity, resistance to U.V. radiation, and flame retardance.



These industry leaders specialize in products designed specifically to keep moisture out.


SOPREMA, Inc. is a world-wide leading manufacturer in the commercial roofing and waterproofing industry. SOMPREMA fluid-applied waterproofing systems are designed as the primary line of defense against moisture infiltration into your building.
Products: Alsan Urethane Systems, Alsan RS PMMA Systems, Alsan Flex System


Uniflex has vast experience and time-tested products, which gives building owners the assurance they need that their roofs will remain weathertight. Uniflex products are fully warranted, minimizing roof maintenance costs over 10+ years. They provide high UV reflectivity, reducing under-the-roof temperatures and air cooling costs, as well as lowering roof surface temperatures.
Products: Aluminum Finish Coats, Elastometric Finish Coats



We offer TOPCOAT® liquid applied solutions. TOPCOAT® helps to protect and maintains new roofing systems and restores deteriorating low-slope roofs.



GreaseGuard offers protection against grease and oil by capturing these pollutants in the innovative G2 GreaseGuard Rooftop Defense System.

Not only are grease, oils, fats and chemicals bad for the condition of your roof, they also create a hazardous environment. Significantly reduce your roof’s rate of deterioration and save money on roof maintenance with this noncombustible, rainproof, structurally sound, and cutting-edge system.