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Winter Ready Roof

Winter Ready RoofThe key to making sure your home has a “winter ready roof” is through maintenance and repair. Being proactive can mean the difference between having a small repair vs. a full tear off and replacement. Keep your roof safe throughout winter by covering a few key steps.

1. Eliminate Low-Hanging Tree Branches and Other Vegetation

During the winter, ice and snow can weigh down trees and branches. That’s a problem if they happen to be located near your home. The last thing you want to hear during a winter storm is a crash that means a branch has taken a tumble onto your roof. This could also have an impact on the cable and phone lines that go into your home. Save yourself some stress, and have branches trimmed back before Mother Nature does it for you.

2. Check for Pests

It’s a good idea to check your roof for signs of pest infestation as part of your winterization plan. That’s because things like mice, squirrels, and raccoons might see your home as a welcome respite from cold winter weather. These kinds of animals can cause big, expensive problems for you if they decide to call your house home. Check your roof for any signs that animals have already taken up residence somewhere up there. You should also check for weak spots that a chilly animal might exploit to get warm.

3. Remove fallen leaves and other debris

If you have a lot of trees and plants on your property, you may notice that during the fall your roof quickly becomes covered in leaves, acorns and branches. It’s really important that you get those things off of your roof as soon as you can. Leaves and other debris can help trap moisture on your roof, which can lead to other problems. They can also clog your gutters.

4. Clean your gutters

Even if you don’t have a lot of leafy green trees on your property, it’s important that you clean your gutters as part of your roof winterization process. Your gutters are important to the overall health of your whole home. They help ensure that water flows away from your home so that it can’t do any damage. However, if they’re clogged they can’t do their jobs. Clean your gutters yourself using some water and a hose, or bring in professionals for a more detailed gutter cleaning.

Winter Ready Roof by P.I. Roofing

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