Why it is Important to Have a Roof Maintenance Plan

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How to Prepare Your Roof to Avoid Having Emergency Roofing

Roof Maintenance PlanThe roof is an essential part of a house or building. The key is preparing your physical assets like your home to a successful roof maintenance plan or program. Regular roof inspection is a must for home and building owners.

When protection for the structure is necessary, you need to access a group of reliable residential or commercial roofing contractors to get the price and service you are paying for. Roofing companies specialize in many things, and preparing your roof for the onset of the ruthless weather conditions is something you should practice regularly.

You need to protect your home roofing system, and it starts with a simple inspection and cleaning to help identify current and future problems you can expect so you can avoid needing emergency roofing services. The best time to get your roof maintenance plan off the ground is in the spring and fall to position your facility for the onslaught of bad weather.

What Are the Least Urgent Roof Repairs?

Emergency roofing repairs should be considered your most notable problem as a homeowner, but some of the roofing problems you will encounter can be dealt with over time. Old age for your roofing systems can be a problem, but it does not need a roofing contractor to do it today or as soon as possible. It is a problem that can be taken care of on a later date, but take note, the sooner, the better!

Here’s the thing…

For example, hail damages would require a visit from your insurance agent and they come in for a roof inspection. Then, damaged shingles need to be replaced because the impact hails caused the weakening of your roof’s long-term durability. Well, this problem is not usually an emergency need.

Roofing is work that is usually affected by the weather. Roofing contractors can only scale your roof when conditions arise from the weather – rain, wind, and storms will keep roofing contractors on the ground – repairs that need to be done on your roof must be carried out when the weather is fine. Realize that roofers can only go up on the roof when conditions are safe.

Steps to Follow for the Durability of Your Roof:

Roof maintenance

Roof MaintenanceA roof is a significant component of your home, you should always be proactive when it comes to your roof maintenance. Summer and/or winter are crucial sometimes for your roof, small holes in your roof can actually become openings that allow water to enter through. This will sooner or later cause leaks inside your homes or your buildings. If your problems revolve around clogged drains or gutters, water can back up and freeze in the drains causing pipes to burst.


Clean Your Roofs

Roof CleaningRemoving dirt and any other obstructions that can hide roofing problems is the first step to keeping your roof in excellent condition. Hire a roofer to clean the rooftop first when you have scheduled your roof maintenance inspection. Proper and careful cleaning eliminates problems like rusty roofs, mold, moss growth, clogged drains or gutters, rotten woods, or any other parts of the roof.

Another problem that is little known is animal or insect infestation. Termites will seek shelter or build shelter, and this can lead to all sorts of problems when they attempt to set into a roof. Deterring animals or insects from nesting and living on roofs can be the best decision you make when checking your roofs.

Clean Your Gutters

Clean GuttersCleaning out your gutters is essential in any home or building. Having a clean gutter also keeps animals and pests away. All that debris can become the root of clogging that eventually causes overflowing of water during rains. Unknowingly to most, blocked gutters can cause water to start getting into your home.



Schedule a Roof Inspection

Roof InspectionA roof inspection is necessary for proper care and roof maintenance of your roofing system. We all want to feel safe and secure at all times inside our homes since it is our place of shelter. We are not just cleaning but also checking if there are damages on your roof.

You might be surprised as to how much damage your roof has. You may have thought that the damage on your roof is just a small hole but when your roof was
inspected, it can be a whole new story. It can be bigger than you thought. It is where all the problems on your roof that you were unaware of can be identified.

Meeting the challenge to repair the issues now that will have a negative impact on your roof is why the inspection is so important. During extreme weather conditions, an emergency roofing repair can be costly. Having a roofing maintenance plan on the other hand can cost you less and will keep your mind at ease.

Your roof inspection should include attention to the following areas: downspouts and gutters are checked and should be kept clear, remove all the clutter and debris from around the drainage pipes. You have to make sure the flashing and seals are closed to the elements, and also make sure that the membrane has no holes and no ponding, and keep the vents free of debris.

Contact Us about our Roof Maintenance Plan in Maumelle and Central Arkansas

P.I. Roofing provides a roof maintenance plan that offers annual gutter cleaning, yearly roof and attic analysis, discounts on repairs and most importantly, you will be on our priority list when scheduling appointments. As a P.I. Roof Maintenance Plan member, all the services offered to you will surely extend the lifespan of your roof and will better protect your family.

If you don’t actually make investments in your roofing system, you will be subjected to high repair costs later on – that is a given. When you let our company, P.I. Roofing take care of the services needed for your roofing systems, we will take the stress out and all the worries and doubts. We recommend proper inspections to keep your roof in great condition before the summer or the winter.

At P.I. Roofing, we believe in delivering high-quality and reliable services. We have a team of roofing experts who have the knowledge and experience to deal with all kinds of roofing problems. For more information about our P.I. Roofing’s Maintenance Plan, you may reach out to our expert roofers by calling 501-707-3548 and you can also visit our Facebook Page.