Roof Holiday Decorating Without Damage: Roofing Edition

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Roof Holiday Decorating without Damage

Roof HolidayIt may be the most wonderful time of the year, but between storms, snow and holiday decorations; it can also be a dangerous one for Arkansas roofs. That’s why, in the spirit of the season, P.I. Roofing is gifting you with the tips and tricks for decorating your home without damaging it. Create roof holiday decors to remain safe for your home and your roof. Read on to learn what we recommend, and what makes Santa himself say, “Ho Ho NO!”


“I’ll be home for Christmas” will take on an entirely new meaning if you injure yourself before the holiday festivities even start. As you open up decorations; remember to read all included instructions, make sure your electrical outlets are dry and don’t overload your breaker. As a bonus step, look through our ladder safety tips. Climbing-related incidents lead to hundreds of thousands of injuries each year. We don’t want you to be one of them!


The quickest way to assure your receive a lump of coal this season? Use staples or nails on your rooftop. Even these small holes can cause moisture and rot to seep into your home’s topper, leading to major leaks, damage and bills to repair them. Instead, utilize plastic clips to secure your lights. You’ll save yourself from future roof damage and save your home from looking like it was attacked by holiday woodpeckers come January.


Now that you know how to hang your lights, make sure you’re hanging them in the right place! Give your shingles a break from the work (and your roof a break from leaks) by clipping your decorations onto eaves and gutters. This simple rule protects your property against damage and makes your decorating as smooth as a warm cup of eggnog.


Literally. When you’re decking the halls this season, make sure that all festivities are away from power lines and safely plugged into a portable circuit or GFCI protected outlet. The light from a fire is not the kind of illumination you want this season.


Once Christmas is over and that post-potluck tiredness combines with the fear of being the last neighbor with lights up, it can be easy to develop some out-of-character laziness. Whatever you do though, don’t rip the lights down! This haphazard way of cleaning up, albeit efficient, can cause damage to whatever your lights were clipped to. Unclamp each clip individually, and we promise that whatever you spend in time will save you from having to replace gutters or shingles!

We hope that decking the halls doesn’t damage your roof, but if it does, you know who to contact. P.I. Roofing is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to help in case of emergency. Roof Holiday Decorating does not need to be dangerous. Allow P.I. roofing to help. We can make your roof holiday decors safe during installation and removal.