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Why Your Business Needs GreaseGuard

The roofs of many businesses, particularly restaurants, sustain a significant amount of damages due to the presence of grease, oil and other pollutants. These substances are often emitted onto the rooftop through kitchen exhaust fans, and while the damage can go completely unseen and unnoticed for a significant period of time, when a building owner finally does discover the problem, it’s often costly, or worse, dangerous.

GreaseGuard offers protection against grease and oil by capturing these pollutants in the innovative G2 GreaseGuard Rooftop Defense System. This cutting-edge system is noncombustible, rainproof and structurally sound, giving business owners peace-of-mind in the safety and stability of their roofs. Read on to learn how. Continue reading

Arkansas’ Greatest Roof Heroes

Last week we laid out the deadliest dangers that pose a threat to your roof. Some were the obvious ones that you knew were villains at the very beginning of the movie. Some were definitely the sneaky kind, the ones that make you gasp at the plot twist.

You can view that blog here before we move on to the good guys.

We had six roof enemies that we discussed, so for each one we’ll give you the heroic acts you or your roofing company can do to start preventing their victory or gain the upper hand.
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Arkansas’ Deadliest Dangers to Your Roof

When you’re thinking of action movies you’ve watched recently or your favorite ones from the past, who usually turns out to be the villain or killer? The butler? The next door neighbor? Well, for your roof, the villain takes on many forms.

Every roof is the main character of its own action story, so every villain is going to be different. If your roof is ready to retire, the villain could be something as a small as a leak. If your roof is young and strong, it could require an entire tree to take it down.

Below we go through the top villains your Arkansas roof has a chance of encountering at any given time of its story. Take a look at the deadliest dangers to your roof.

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3 Most Common Post – Storm Damage Roof Repairs

While the debates are stirring up heat and turbulence, the weather here in Arkansas has stayed tame and mostly dry. It’s been a pretty warm fall so we haven’t had to pull out any protective gear, other than our aprons while we’re grilling. But protection for your home is always on our minds, even in the tamest of weather. Because if anyone knows the phrase “the calm before the storm” well, it’s us. If predictions are correct, storms are headed our way and the best way to be prepared is to be educated on what might happen and to have your roof inspected before any storm damage might occur. Below are the 3 most common things we usually have to repair after a storm has blown through.
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Our Top Picks of Clever Halloween Roof Decorations

Even Halloween roof decorations can’t escape the cyclical nature of trends. No longer is the jack-o-lantern and scarecrow family going to cut it if you want to keep up with the Joneses this year. 2016 wants to see the most clever, the most gory, the most creepy, and the most crawly come to life in the yards and on the rooftops of Arkansas. With Arkansas roofs as the spot we spend most of our time, we love seeing the creative ways people adorn them for the holidays. We’ve scoured the internet and chosen some of our Halloween roof decorations that we hope Little Rock can top.
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Arkansas Fall Roofing Maintenance Tips

Fall is officially upon us. Colorful leaves are falling, football season is in full swing and pumpkins are decking the porches of homes across central Arkansas. In addition to all our fall festivities, we at P.I. Roofing also think this season is an ideal time to perform several roof maintenance practices to ensure your roof is strong and sturdy before winter weather hits. Continue reading

Our Top 4 Favorite Stadium Roofs

Lately, the trend for stadium roofs has been the crazier, the better. Flowers, spheres, arches … no shape is off the list. Gone are the days of turf and stadium seating with open air being enough to satisfy the avid sports fan. The design of the stadium is following the trend of the car and the iPhone: bigger is better. Designers are figuring out ways to incorporate sleek and sexy vibes into structures that are mostly meant for sweat, tears, dirt, and turf. The juxtaposition of the design versus the utility is fun to watch as it evolves into a competition of who can create the most shocking design and get away with it. Continue reading

Employee Spotlight: Shelley Mooney

From the guys on the roof to the people answering phones, it takes a full team to make our friendly customer service and exceptional craftsmanship possible – and an important part of that team is Shelley Mooney. Shelley has been a receptionist at P.I. Roofing for three and a half years, spending most of her time serving our customers and making sure they have sturdy roofs over their heads and are happy with our work. Get to know Shelley a little bit better by reading her interview below, or by watching her interview video here! Continue reading

How to Choose Your Roof Color

A roof is typically considered a utilitarian asset to your home. However, your roof color also has the potential to add or detract a significant amount of aesthetic value to or from your home. This makes the already weighty decisions you must make when replacing your roof even more important, as the color, materials and style you pick will impact your home’s curb appeal. When choosing a new roof, take the following points into consideration to help you choose the perfect look to compliment your house. Continue reading