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P.I. Roofing Business Basics: Our Golden Rules

At P.I. Roofing, we have what we call our Business Basics, rules we operate by on the job. These are our values, our mission and our commitment to you, our customers.

One of our Golden Rules at P.I. Roofing is to put aside what’s easiest for us, and make it a priority to do what is best for the customer. We are committed to continually finding new ways to make roof replacement and maintenance more convenient for our customers. We do this through:

  • P.I. Maintenance Plan

    With our Maintenance Plan, your appointment will not only be made our priority, but you’ll also get special benefits and discounts on services.

  • Emergency Services 24/7

    We understand that some roofing needs can’t wait for an appointment to be scheduled. That’s why our dedicated, full-time staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ready to serve you.

  • Unique vendor partnerships such as Gutter Helmet and SunShade

    Our focus on customer satisfaction goes beyond providing a high-quality roof. Through special vendor partnerships, we offer our customers premier products that enhance home-living happiness and increase property value.

We have built strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, allowing us to provide our customers a full range of quality roofing materials. At PI Roofing, we guarantee our workmanship for years to come. No other roofing company more confidently backs its work.

Our Philosophy

At P.I. Roofing, we take pride in our service and treat each home as if it were our own; and our commitment extends well after the job is completed.

Also…. Be sure to stop by our booth at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show this Friday – Sunday. We are giving away a $500 gift certificate to anyone that registers their roof with us. No strings attached. We will do a free inspection to see the roof’s condition, and you get $500 off a new roof good for this year. Visit https://argardenshow.org/ for more information and tickets to the show.

Ice Dams: How to Beat Them

Arkansas winters can be unpredictable. One day it’s warm and sunny, and the next it’s snowing or sleeting. Freezing temperatures can cause ice dams that trigger havoc to your home’s roof and interior if you’re not paying attention. Ice dams usually occur after a heavy snowfall or sleet and several days of freezing temperatures.

An ice dam might form when…

  • There is snow or sleet on the roof
  • Average outside temperature is below 32 degrees
  • Roof surface temperature is above 32 degrees at its higher end and below 32 degrees at its lower end.

How an ice dam forms…

  • Indoor heating rises through the ceiling into the attic and warms the roof surface
  • Snow or sleet on the heated part of the roof melts and flows down until it reaches that part of the roof that is below 32 degrees – water freezes into an ice dam
  • The dam grows as it is fed by melting snow or sleet above, but water held by the dam backs up and stays liquid
  • Eventually, the water finds cracks in the roof covering and flows into the attic and could seep through the ceiling and interior walls.

For more about how to get rid of ice dams, check out this article from This Old House: https://www.thisoldhouse.com/how-to/how-to-get-rid-ice-dams

At P.I. Roofing, we take pride in our service and treat each home as if it were our own; and our commitment extends well after the job is completed. Our dedicated, full-time staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year— ready to serve you.


Roofing Resolutions for 2017

We make New Year’s resolutions for everything. A new diet. A new exercise routine. A new personal development plan. A new professional development goal. But what about your house? More importantly, what about your roof? How do you keep it healthy and vibrant for the long haul? Here are some simple suggestions. Make sure your plan for 2017 takes your home’s roof into account.

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Key Terms to Know to Help Your Roofer

Every industry has its jargon which can make it seem like people in the industry are speaking a different language. This is especially true with industries that we don’t engage with on a routine basis. But what happens when there is a problem with your roof? When it is time to call the experts, are you equipped to effectively and concisely explain the issue? Here are some key terms to know when talking about your roof. Continue reading

The Most Important Inspection of the Year

Cold air has begun to set in, and along with it will likely come some winter weather – which calls for a roofing inspection. While Arkansas is not known for heavy snowfall or frequent ice storms, we do typically experience some sort of frozen precipitation, and if the roof on your home or business isn’t in good shape, it only takes a small amount of ice, snow and/or wind to cause major damage. A roof inspection during the most wonderful time of the year is potentially the most important one you’ll have all year, especially if it’s been awhile since a professional has been on your roof. Below, we’ve listed out a few of the most common winter roof problems that can be preventively addressed by an inspection. Continue reading

Winterizing Your Arkansas Roof

When you’re a student, life revolves in segments of time separated into semesters and breaks. When you’re an adult, time takes a bit of a shocking turn into the nine to five world. After having kids, you pull a complete 360 and go back to semesters, sports, after-school activities, and birthday parties. Time reminders like daylight savings and wrinkles affect us all, but there are individual dividers of time for each person and occupation, as well.

For roofers, time is segmented into preparation and work for seasons. It’s important for companies in the roofing occupation to be prepared for the now and for the future.

In winter, we’re preparing for spring flooding. In spring, we’re gearing up for summer heat. In summer, we’re getting ready for fall storms, and in fall, we are winterizing.

While Arkansas doesn’t necessarily experience extreme cold temperatures, Mother Nature is known to bring snow and ice to the Natural State on occasion. And eventually that snow and ice melts, which means for winter, your roof needs to be equipped for ice and flooding.

Below we are giving you the guide list we follow when winterizing our own roofs before the temperatures drop to freezing.

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Your Answers on Radiant Barrier

If you’ve ever wrapped up in a blanket in long johns with a cup of hot cocoa and still felt a chill, it didn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the flu.

It may mean your home’s insulation isn’t doing its job.

If you’ve ever turned on the oven with no intention of cooking just to get warm, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a doctor.

It may mean your heater is working overtime to keep your home warmer this year than last year. And the weather plays a large part in that, as well. So with all the variables that could be involved in the heating of your home, it’s good to be educated on your best and most energy efficient – and wallet friendly – options.

Introducing….Radiant Barrier!
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What We’re Thankful For

The holiday season is in full swing, and with Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, we can’t help but be thankful for all the blessings we have. An outstanding workplace, a family-like company culture, work we actually enjoy and care about … the list could go on and on. Instead of just listing them out though, we’ve asked a few P.I. Roofing employees what they are most thankful for this season! Continue reading

Why Your Business Needs GreaseGuard

The roofs of many businesses, particularly restaurants, sustain a significant amount of damages due to the presence of grease, oil and other pollutants. These substances are often emitted onto the rooftop through kitchen exhaust fans, and while the damage can go completely unseen and unnoticed for a significant period of time, when a building owner finally does discover the problem, it’s often costly, or worse, dangerous.

GreaseGuard offers protection against grease and oil by capturing these pollutants in the innovative G2 GreaseGuard Rooftop Defense System. This cutting-edge system is noncombustible, rainproof and structurally sound, giving business owners peace-of-mind in the safety and stability of their roofs. Read on to learn how. Continue reading